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Questions & Answers

What is the supply stack? Don't it belong to both players?

The supply stack is your own personal stack of tiles that you accumulate by activating the 1-dot or 2-dot catalysts. The stack that belong to both players is the called the core.

What happens when two groups of micropul merge?

Nothing special happens right away. However, at game end any closed group with two markers or more on it does not score.

Micropul are connected orthagonally, not diagonally. I think?

Yes, micropul are considered connected only when orthogonally adjacent. Never diagonally.

How do I play solitaire? It's not in the rules!

Play as you would in the 2-player game without a second player. This time, it's always your turn! Play until the last tile in the core is drawn then calculate your score. Head over to Rules & Variants for more information on this variant.