Micropul is an abstract strategy tile-laying game. It is usually played as a 2-player game in which players take turn placing tiles and stones, stocking new tiles and claiming groups. Micropul can also be played as a solitaire puzzle where the goal is to play optimally and beat your previous score.

Let's see what's inside a typical micropul set:

picture of the bag closeup picture of the tiles

More pictures of the game in various states.

Getting started

Micropul is free. You can make your own set of tiles by downloading the necessary files off this website. It only takes a few minutes to print the tiles and cut them out. After that, you'll be ready to try the game. :)

Micropul game package (zipped) Download the printable game tiles, rulebook and stones.
More rules The rules are also available in Japanese, Spanish and Polish.
More rules...

Next steps

You can find more information about micropul on BoardGameGeek. I also compiled a big list of links to all articles and sites related to micropul. I'll be glad to answer any specific question you have about the game but first take a look at the FAQ.

You might also want to try the various variants such as the solitaire puzzle.

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